Waukee High School is very lucky to have three Booster Clubs run by supportive and dedicated families.

  • Waukee Athletic Booster Club
  • Waukee Band Boosters
  • Waukee Vocal Music Boosters

A booster club is an organization formed to support an associated club, sports team, or organization through coordinating events, raising money, etc.  The clubs are generally run and organized by the parents of the high school students in the supported organization. A booster club’s main function is to develop support for the student program and raise funds.

Fundraisers are often held to raise money for supplies, uniforms, equipment, and trips.  Booster clubs may not discriminate in making grants to youth or college students based on their family’s membership in or funding to the club, or the family’s fund-raising or time put into club activities.  At the high school level, school administrators cannot be involved in the booster club organization except for approving activities held at the high school.

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