Waukee Warrior Regiment Prepares for Home Finale

The Waukee Warrior Regiment is preparing for the final two dates on the home football schedule. The group has been putting in hours of hard work for these performances and it really shows during halftime! Here’s a little more information on their 2021 fall performances:

Unlocked is a self contained story about self discovery, resilience and the emotions needed to live a full life. There are five door props on the field (a silver door in the middle, and then yellow, red, blue, and purple doors that are spread across the field. During the first movement of the show, two of the hornline members try to open the door in the middle of the field, but they’re unable to. Throughout the show, different doors open that represent different emotions. The yellow door represents happiness, the red door represents anger, and the blue and purple doors represent sadness. Once we’ve unlocked these doors and accepted these emotions and feelings into ourselves, we’re finally prepared to open the final door in the middle of field to go live a full life. 

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