Strong Start for Waukee Girls Swimming and Diving

Talent and teamwork are front and center on the Waukee Swimming and Diving Team.

“I just love everything about it, the practices and being together,” says Abby Trosper.

Let’s start with the teamwork part. This program is one of only a handful consisting of student athletes from both of our district’s high schools.

“It’s basically like I’ll see you in 8 hours for our next practice,” says Jessi Wigham. “Then we hang out after. We hang out on the weekend. Go for breakfast or lunch.”

Now to the talent part. 

“We see our potential and so it just pushes us even further,” adds Wigham.

These girls can really fly.

“Every meet we’ve faced, every big opposition we faced, we came out on top,” says Camden Habgood. “I know we can pull through and regardless of how hard our workouts are, they are only going to make us better.”

Speaking of those workouts, when you are training seven days a week against your own really fast teammates, times are only going to drop.

“There are so many of us within the team that are able to race each other during practices,” adds Trosper. “During those sprint sets, we push each other, which then in meets you can see that work paying off.”

That competition is putting one of the best programs in the state on display each and every night.

“It’s not like I’m going to beat you,” says Wigham.  “We are all going to go under this time. We are all being a team. We are all going to do this. It’s not just going to be me, it’s going to be all of us.”

As we reach the final 50 of the high school swim season, there are some major goals on tap for the Waukee Girls Swimming and Diving team.

“Hopefully we can try and win state and get some amazing times,” says Wigham. “Other teams are amazing too, but that’s what we are hoping for.”

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