“We Just Show Up and Sing” – Waukee A Cappella Prepares for Regional Showcase

The Waukee High School A Cappella tradition can be heard by all. Those inside group can feel it too.

“I immediately heard it during warmups,” says Waukee High School Senior Alison Meagher. “This is a spot I have to be in.”

“We are a family. We get to do things together and sing music, it’s amazing,” adds Molly Owen.

Waukee A Cappella is used to having a special schedule. There’s a new performance on the list this year. That comes at the American Choral Directors Association Festival. This event features the best of the best A Cappella programs from high schools and colleges across a ten state region. 

“They selected 14 choirs, only four of them are at the high school level,” says Waukee A Cappella Director Jeff Knutson.

The singers from Waukee know how incredible this opportunity is. They get a 25 minute performance in front of the best A Cappella programs in our region. 

“It’s cool knowing that we can not only compete against the best high schools in the region, but that we are comparable to some of the colleges,” says Keegan Jagim. “It’s a really cool feeling.”

“I really want to sing in college, adds Meagher. “This is a chance to see how things run, how people interact and how the directors run things.”

The performance is still months away. There are hundreds of rehearsals on the schedule. But the Waukee A Cappella singers say they are ready for the challenge coming their way.

“If it’s not perfect, it won’t go on stage,” says Molly Owen.

While their showcase concert at the ACDA Festival might be the highlight of this year, the expectation of Waukee A Cappella doesn’t change.

“We just show up and sing,” says Jagim. “It’s why we are here, we enjoy getting better.”

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