Waukee Bowling- 2020-2021 Season Preview

The Waukee high school bowling programs have been known for consistently sending both individuals and teams to the state tournament every year. Over the past 12 seasons, the girls have qualified for the state tournament four times, three appearances for the boys.

The girl’s team has been one of the most prolific teams in Iowa over the past years, capturing a state title back in 2019. They also placed second in the conference meet a season ago. The Warriors have several returning varsity bowlers which will be a big help in what will be a wild season for everyone.

“With us returning five of our six bowlers this year we have a comfort level we did not have last year,” said head coach Chris Roberts as he returns for his 14th season in the program. “This year we can focus on more of the fine aspects of how we bowl and not everything else around the bowling meets.”

The team feels like returning a similar group from a year ago will be very helpful in the beginning stages of the season.

“We all just want to have fun and have a good time. All of the girls are easy to talk to, always open to feedback, and are there when you need someone to lean on,” said senior Kiara Briggs. “We are a close team and all share the same love and passion for the sport.”

The boy’s team was considered a fairly young team a year ago, they hope to bring that experience they gained into this season which will be full of surprises.  

“The fact of the matter is that experience is what makes you better,” said senior Cameron Borst who was the team’s lone state qualifier last season. “Hypothetically, you could be the most educated person on a topic, but if you don’t have any firsthand experience, you are not going to be the best.”

Everyone in the program has high expectations and has a big goal that they hope to reach by the end of the season.

“It’s all about constructing mental blocks in order to maintain focus on a common goal,” Borst said. “When said blockage is designed and constructed well, there is no way any outside influences could derail us.”

The boy’s team will also look a little bit different this season with a new head coach running the program. Jonathon Kerr enters his first season as head coach with high expectations for his team. Although he brings in a different style of coaching to the team, the group feels like it’s been a smooth transition.

“Our new coach, Mr. Kerr is a fantastic person and mentor with immense energy,” said Borst. “So quite frankly, I don’t see it making a difference, we are just going to do what we do best. That’s the bottom line.” 

Kerr feels listening to his players and maintaining a strong line of communication with them will be the most important thing he can do.

“I try to listen to my players and understand their needs,” Kerr added. “Some think a good coach must talk a great deal, but listening is equally important, if not more so.”

Both teams know that this season will come with its fair share of bumps in the road, but are focused on controlling what they can control.

“I tend to not worry about circumstances that are out of my control,” Borst said. “When it comes to COVID, I’m just going to be me and not let it shadow the experiences I’ve been able to obtain in the past. I think the same goes for the rest of my teammates as well.”

They all have the mindset of playing with no regrets and having the mindset of doing what they can in their hands.

“I think the best each of us can do is to stay positive and bring light to situations like this. Having no regrets and playing the best we can is good enough,” Briggs said. “I know being positive and optimistic is one of my greatest strengths and I hope to continue to bring that to the team this year and have a great season.”

Waukee’s season opener is still TBD as of now. 

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