Current Season Schedule

Roster Sign Up-

Roster sign up is done by completing a Google form. If you haven’t yet signed up, please contact Coach Davis ( to get the link. The form will ask for the following information:  Name, cell phone # (Parent’s/personal), email (parents), Parent’s name. Player shirt size, 

Meet Schedule- 

  • All meets for Varsity are in the process of being finalized. Five  JV meets have been scheduled in addition to duals with Varsity. Freshmen meets are also in the process of being finalized.

Practice Facility and Procedure- 

  • We will use Sugar Creek and Beaver Creek Golf Course this year. Transportation to meets and practice sites will be determined by the administration.

Off-season Expectations-

  • Tournament
    • 4-6 tournaments recommended during summer. Sugar Creek tournaments aren’t very helpful unless you are a freshman who is not expecting to play varsity.
    • It is up to you to determine our success. We are coming off a 59-5 season and a third straight State Championship. There is an expectation that we are in a position to contend again for the Class 4A title next fall even with the split to two high schools. Our success depends on your work ethic and dedication to improving individually. We don’t know what district we will go to or what course we will play. We need to be prepared regardless. 
    • Baseball players will struggle to get 6 tournaments in. There should be opportunities, but trying to do high school baseball and preparing for the golf season may put you in a position of catching up come the fall golf season. The choice is yours. Lessons – If you are not comfortable with your swing or your game, find someone you trust to help you. I can help if you need it.
  • Lessons expedite your learning. You can waste a lot of time trying to figure out your problem sometimes on your own.
  • Weightlifting  – Warrior Summer Strength and Conditioning begins June 7th and is free to all Waukee High School athletes. Because summer schedules can be busy, there is no sign up required. Students just need to show up to the session that best fits their routine.
    • Sessions: Monday – Thursday
      • 6-7:15 a.m. – Grades 10-12
      • 7-8:15 am. – Grades 10-12
      • 9 – 10:15 a.m. – 9th grade
    • Each session welcomes all athletes regardless of gender or ability level. If you would like to meet as a team to workout, communicate with other team members on your own. Everyone is expected to lift weights at the high school during the summer.
    • Strength and Conditioning training will prepare you for the golf season, not to mention give you good habits to take care of your body for the rest of your life. There is no shortcut to becoming more physical. We got stronger last summer and need to add to that this summer. 5 lettering points can be accumulated if you have 75% attendance for the summer and have Coach Bakker’s approval that you were meeting workout expectations.
  • Academics – If you think your class load is going to be hectic 1st term next fall, talk to your counselor and see what can be done to move you into a less hectic situation. Varsity players, you will be very busy with the golf schedule once again. 
  • Sports Physical – You are responsible for having an up to date sports physical before you can qualify for the golf team. You will not be allowed to qualify for the team without a current sports physical.
  • Good Conduct Policy – You are all young adults and will be expected to act as such. Please read through the Good Conduct Policy on the activities website. You will be withheld from competitions if you violate the Good Conduct Policy and also if you don’t follow team rules. NOBODY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE TEAM! The team comes first! (No form needs to be turned in for this.)
  • Concussion Form – The concussion form needs to be completed and signed for each player before the player can participate in any high school sport. The form can be found on the Waukee Athletics website under the Fans/Activities Welcome menu. You will not be allowed to qualify for the team without a current concussion form on file.
  • WHS Boys Golf ParentSquare group – Coach Davis has put together a ParentSquare webgroup for the boys golf team. All golfers and their families that have signed up on the roster will receive an invite to register for the platform. The communication platform is new to the district this summer but it allows increased security over information, communication, and scheduling without having to utilize a platform the district has no control over. Also, there will be copies of this information and any other information that is of importance on that site. You can also leave messages for me or Coach Sullivan.
  • Qualifying Rounds (Grades 10-12) – Note the dates and the location. Also note the number of players allowed on the team. Player meeting at qualifying rounds at 7:40 am. Transportation is on your own. Plan on greens fees being $19.50 +tax per player per day for qualifying rounds (includes range balls). Pay the clubhouse the day of qualifying. All players will be scored on their two day total of stroke play. The low 24 scores will qualify for the team.
  • Golf Fee – There will be a fee for players who do not have a Beaver Creek season pass or for freshmen, a Sugar Creek junior pass. The fee will be in the $80-$100 range. The school will cover the remaining expenses for practices and meets. This will be collected after qualifying rounds.
  • Golf Bags –The school will supply a team golf bag during the season.
  • Apparel – The school will provide all players next fall with a team polo shirt as a team shirt for the season. Varsity/JV will have Nike shirts for the issued shirt. There will be a second shirt available for purchase. The second shirt is primarily for varsity golfers, but all players are welcome to purchase. The second shirt is still being determined along with the price. Players that qualify for the team will need a pair of black golf shorts. You will want to buy these as soon as possible if you don’t already own at least one pair. Smaller waist sizes may not be available in the fall. Golf Galaxy, Von Maur, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or Dillards would be possible locations to purchase black shorts. There will be a hat for purchase but has not been identified at this time.

Additional items:

  • If you plan on getting new clubs, don’t wait until fall. It takes time to get used to new clubs. (2 months of solid use)
  • If you plan on changing your swing or getting golf lessons that may require a swing change, do it soon. Get this done early in the summer, so you have time to adjust to the changes. That will allow you to come into qualifying with confidence. Feel free to contact me if there are any questions during the summer, Otherwise, the first full day of practice after qualifying rounds per respective grade level are listed below. We will have a rules meeting on that Saturday morning, Aug. 15th for all 10-12 golfers on the team.

Important Dates:

  • Aug. 6 – All paperwork is due in the high school activities office. Current physical and concussion form. Do this as early as possible. Players need current paperwork on file to qualify.
  • Aug. 9th – Qualifying Day 1 at Beaver Creek Golf Course 8 am., White Tees Player meeting @ 7:40 am. (10th-12th grade only)
  • Aug. 9th – Freshman Qualifying – Sugar Creek Golf Course
  • Aug. 10th – Qualifying Day 2 at Beaver Creek Golf Course 8 am., White Tees Player meeting @ 7:40 am. 
  • Aug. 11th – Mandatory Team Meeting – WHS Commons, 4 pm – Bag and Shirt hand out
  • Aug. 12th – Practice @ Beaver Creek
  • Aug. 13th – 18 hole Dual Meet with Urbandale at Beaver Creek – 8 am
  • Aug. 24th – 1st Day of School for students